Dailymag Magnetics is a leading manufacturer of OEM and ODM permanent magnets, magnetic tools and magnetic assemblies.

Dailymag is a company built on a series of principles by it’s founder and CEO President Charles Yao. This dynamic founder, entrepreneur and key opinion leader accompanied by a powerful team of high performing industry leaders has created the Dailymag brand you see today.

Dailymag is the top volume source of permanent magnets, magnetic tools, magnetic devices nationally.

The Dailymag team emphasizes dynamism, innovation, and quality control, and creativity in every step of it’s business and the team behind Dailymag is what makes it what is today.
Apollo Peng our “hand-on” sales manager leads product design paying special attention to our clients magnetic product needs. Apollo is the reason Dailymag has received copious amounts of praise through our award winning designs which has allowed to bring to life over 100 patents.

Joe Zhu handles all export sales of permanent magnets, magnetic tools and assemblies and is one of the most creative, adventurous product design talents in China.

Rachel Pan’s years of experience working in the magnetic field allows her to take care of all client sales of various magnetic materials, she is our go to magnet superstar with her stunning skill-set.

Tang is an MVP level R&D talent using all kinds of tools and leading a 20 man team, managing budgets of over 5 million RMB utilizing cutting edge technology like CAD/CAM, 3-D printing, precision machining to keep us on top of the magnetic world.

QC/QA is headed by Carly Zeng who makes sure things are looking right with over 10 years of technical procurement experience she catches things we can’t and has eyes for the future.

Dailymag is a superstar company leading the industry forward in a non-traditional, creativity inspired fashion. Industrial magnets, magnetic tools and magnetic devices are product lines we understand so deeply that relationships with us make everyone’s live easier and better. We’re headed in to the future, and no one’s stopping us.

Repel, Attract, Life

The YAO Method

I am YAO. The founder of Dailymag. Dailymag is a platform of brands that are constructed and built on my method, the YAO method is a method of delivering products that are firstly safe, bring them efficiently and do it at the highest technology level.

Dailymag, A Total-Solution Magnetics Brand

Dailymag is a brand built on the back of the raw talent, dynamism and creativity that is Charles YAO. The YAO Method was built on a methodology of developing products that are firstly safe, delivering them efficiently and doing it at the highest technological level possible. To understand the YAO method it’s paramount that you understand Charles Yao. Charles Yao has built a cult-like following in China for his straight-forward, direct, magnetism. Yes, magnetism, the kind of personality that is larger than life. This personality touches everything he does and what has allowed for thousands of industry professionals, CEO’s and key opinion leaders to look to Charles YAO for simple solutions to complicated problems.

The YAO Method is a set of principles built on 3 things:

1. The YAO Method of Efficiency

Make sure you understand clients better than he understands himself, answer questions before they arise and always strive to be the best. These efficiency standards lead by Mr. Yao has transformed not only DailyMag but business itself domestically and internationally.

2. The YAO Method of Solution

Solve problems before they become problems, bring energy and life to earnestly solve problems, do it quickly and to the end. Problem solving is a critical aspect of why thousands of clients world wide look to DailyMag for solutions, not just products.

3. The YAO Method of Innovation

Taking ideas, concepts and innovating them to bring solutions. Developing and innovating new product lines to bring them to the market as leaders. Being the inspiration for new technology developments worldwide.

Men, women and children love us, our competitors envy us, and want to be us all at the same time. We know what’s important, and that is our clients, you. The YAO Method is here, and its made DailyMag what it is today.

Repel, Attract, Life

Professional Magnetic Tool Manufacturer from China

Dailymag Magnetic Technology (Ningbo) Limited

Is the leading supplier of NdFeB magnets and permanent magnets, including Disc magnets, Cylinder magnets, Block magnets, Ring magnets, Countersunk magnets, Segment magnets, Trapezoid magnets, Irregular shapes magnets and more. Customized shapes for Sintered NdFeB Magnet are available.

Dailymag Precise Manufacturing (Ningbo) Limited

Manufacture a wide range of magnetic tools and assemblies, which focus on magnetic sweepers, magnetic pick up tools, magnetic tool holders and knife bars, also a full range of pot magnets and magnetic lifters.

Top manufacture of magnet tools, with over 15 years manufacture, export experience, ODM, OEM, Wholesale available, support customized design layout, different standard design for your choice! we will satisfy your demand as possible, inquiry now!

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