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What makes Dailymag so special for its customers is

The YAO Method

I am YAO. The founder of Dailymag.

Dailymag is a platform of brands that are constructed and built on my method, the YAO method is a method of delivering products that are firstly safe, bring them efficiently and do it at the highest technology level.

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The YAO Method of Efficiency
  • Make sure you understand clients better than he understands himself, answer questions before they arise and always strive to be the best. These efficiency standards lead by Mr. Yao has transformed not only DailyMag but business itself domestically and internationally.
The YAO Method of Solution
  • Solve problems before they become problems, bring energy and life to earnestly solve problems, do it quickly and to to the end. Problem solving is a critical aspect of why thousands of clients world wide look to DailyMag for solutions, not just products.
The YAO Method of Innovation
  • Taking ideas, concepts and innovating them to bring solutions. Developing and innovating new product lines to bring them to the market as leaders. Being the inspiration for new technology developments worldwide.

Your Total Solution Partner

Dailymag is a professional manufacturer of magnets and magnetic tools.

Established in 2005, Our developing R&D group, presently 20 in number, is in providing active and forward-looking support for our clients, leading to product development and innovation to better serve current markets.

We have three professional factories, serving permanent magnets, magnetic tools, magnetic devices and more. As a one stop solution provider, our objective is to provide reliable service to you. We have proven time and time again to be a trusted trading partner and manufacturer.

In dealing with sub-suppliers, within subsidiaries, and within the firm itself, DAILYMAG utilizes a methodology we call "SQDP". This means: provide the client with the better SOLUTION; with the higher QUALITY design, production, and service; DELIVERED as promised and fast; and at a PRICE that increases value for both the client and end-user. Achieving great results consistently doesn't happen by accident of course, but only through the liberal application of continuous improvement principles and strong, lively company culture. Many companies say "our people are our great resource". At DAILYMAG, however, this is certainly true as we take an active stake in ensuring that our staff are growing and improving not only in the jobs and careers, but personally. We warmly welcome your inquiry and be prepared, though, for more than a quotation. Prepare to discover what many well-known corporations around the world - from Wal-Mart, Total, Philips, Bosch, Home Depot, Lowe’s and many more - have found. Prepare to start a long-term, mutually prosperous business relationship with the reliable choice for permanent magnets, magnet tools and magnetic devices.

Men, women and children love us, our competitors envy us, and want to be us all at the same time. We know what’s important, and that is our clients, you. The YAO Method is here, and its made DailyMag what it is today.

Repel, Attract, Life……DAILYMAG

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Why Choose Us

Top manufacture of magnet tools, with over 15 years manufacture, export experience, ODM, OEM, Wholesale available, support customized design layout, different standard design for your choice! we will satisfy your demand as possible, inquiry now!


Our design team, highly experienced within the magnetic, mechanical, and electrical fields, stands ready to collaborate with you.


Our service includes regular and thorough inspections throughout the manufacturing process, eliminating the need to employ additional quality control inspectors.


High quality materials are the basis of every successful magnet product we offer. We focus on uniform properties and low variation, so that performance is predictably reliable.


We hold raw material suppliers and working partners to high expectations. Our service includes us going on-site to providers to conduct inspections throughout their manufacturing processes, while still requiring full QC rigor from them internally.


Parnering with our top-notch R&D team gets you ahead of the curve through anticipate the market, technological strength, innovative new-product development and expert engineering.


As needed, we can arrange independent testing and serification with the 3rd-party provider of your choice, including CE, Intertek, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd's Register.


One of the biggest worries when purchasing from a Chinese supplier, especially for the first time, is that when the goods arrive is it exactly what you want. Our samples procedure takes away that worry completely!


We keeping innovating and trying to offer to our customers with one-stop service, we are good are marketing and help to catch good market.


24/7 Services is at your convenience when you have any questions at any time, quick response, quick action.


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