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DT Series Linear Actuators (Electric Linear Actuator) with dual drivers, these linear actuators are easily installed, free operation and customers can adjust the back or foot individually or jointly. They are widely used for adjustment of slatted bed, medical bed, home bed etc.

DT Series Linear Actuators must only been used for bed frame, do not overload.

Electrical Linear Actuator

Specification of DT Series Linear actuators (Electric Linear Actuator):

Voltage: 24VDC Double Permanent Magnet Motor Drive

Max Thrust of Linear Actuator: 2x4500N

Duty cycle: 10%, comment: 2 minutes continuous work followed by 18 minutes rest

Inner limited adjustable micro switch, not adjustable after leaving factory

Optional Stroke: 69/87mm

Max Speed of Linear Actuator: 5.6mm/s

Inner Overload Protection

Power Supply: 100-110v/220-240v 50-60Hz

Output Power: 100w

Size of of Linear Actuator: 767x121x169mm

Important Installation Dimension: 581±1mm

Standard Protection Class: IP22

Operation Temperature: 10°C (50F) -40°C (104F)

Availability in Black and White housing

Can connect 1-2 Linear Actuator and 1 handset or massage motor

Power Cable Standard

Power Cable: 300/300V 2x0.75mm2, Standard Length 4m, customize length is available

Plug: European Standard, US Standard etc.


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